Some of my current and former clients include...

"I must admit I did not know what to expect but the results from just one coaching session astounded me. Also, I can see how your voice coaching will help me connect more deeply with my clients. Thank you."

- Tessa Stowe, Sydney, Australia

"I really didn't know what to expect in my first ever voice coaching session and I felt quite nervous. However, Nicki's warm and genuine style quickly reassured me and I felt completely safe with her. As Nicki steered me through the breathing exercises, I was astounded at how effective they were. I felt an immediate sense of calm, yet I felt powerful. I'd found my voice! The difference in my voice and my confidence in a very short amount of time was utterly amazing. Thank you, Nicki, for such a wonderful experience."

- Steph Harwood, Scotland

"What a crazy world! I've had a voice all my life. But it took Nicki McClusky to help me find it! As a stand up speaker, presenter and workshop facilitator, Nicki has helped me find my voice and use it to greatest effect so I can share what I know with others in a way they can connect and relate to! Thank you, Nicki."

- Loz Wilson, speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator, U.K.

"In the Tele-seminar, one of the callers said that she was nervous when public speaking, thinking she wouldn't do well. I am giving my very first talk in six weeks and have been going through the same kind of anxiety. You very simply said, 'Why shouldn't people listen to you?' It was if a dam burst in me! You're right! Why shouldn't people listen to me! I have some very important things to share. Your simple question made me realize that I do have as much to say, and others may appreciate the knowledge I have to give them."

- Lisa Sutton, Life coach: The Rest is Still Unwritten

"I discovered the block that was keeping me from being natural in front of a camera."

- Rose Jonas, PhD, TV's "Job Doctor, St. Louis, MO

"Nicki, thank you for such an inspiring presentation in your Tele-seminar. You do exciting work on the voice, breathing, vitality, groundedness, and empowerment. I was impressed with the simple yet powerful exercises, and I hope many people will sign up for your upcoming Tele-Classes. I will probably do more of my telephone coaching in a standing position, and I look forward to practicing the techniques you taught us. You are an inspiration and a reminder that our voice is important - not just the sound of our voice. Hugs of appreciation, John B."

- Dr. John Bellanti

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