Nicki answers some frequently asked questions...

Frequently Asked Questions (illustrated pdf)

Q: What does it mean to speak in an "authentic, compelling" way? How can I put my "best foot forward" and attract those I am meant to serve?

A: When you are connected with who you truly are, speaking from your heart, soul, passion and purpose you will be an "authentic" speaker. Add great vocal skill and deep awareness to authenticity, and you will be "compelling"!

Q: What are the main things I will learn in the "Find Your Voice" ® coaching studio?

A: In terms of vocal skill focus, we primarily deal with breathing, bodily support, strength, sound production of all kinds, (phonation and resonance), diction and articulation; range and inflection; speed and cadence, energy and de-constriction. Anything unique to individual needs too.

In terms of awareness, we focus on (a) speaking from all parts of the Self; (b) speaking from purpose and passion; (c) changing what gets in your way; (d) underlying reasons for speaking difficulties; (e) fear into confidence.

Q: I don't know how to breathe very well. Why is that important?

A: Excellent breathing is the foundation for magnificent, authentic, compelling speaking. It is the "cure-all" for resolving most vocal issues.

Q: Why do you teach us to "pucker up" and blow out through "pursed lips" during the breathing exercise?

A: It represents the slow release of air used to produce sound. This helps you concentrate on the outgo of air without producing sound yet. Keep air in your body and use it!

Q: What do you mean---"build new muscle"?

A: You will need to "deconstruct" old muscular constrictions, and "construct/build" new muscles to support deep, relaxed breathing, an open throat, and bodily support for great speaking.

6. Concentrate on my feet? Why?

A: You need to "ground" your feet, stay in touch with the earth, and stay in touch with YOU! This helps you manage fear.

7. What's Vocal "IMPACT"? Why does it matter?

A: The vocal "impact" you have on your listener(s) will totally determine whether or not they want to stick around and listen to what you have to offer. Impact is huge! It needs to be a compelling, inspiring, pleasant "impact," - not a repelling one.

8. How do I get people to understand what I'm saying? I want them to "look into" what I have to offer them.

A: People need to be able to clearly and easily understand what you are saying. You need to enunciate, articulate well, and use good diction. Then people will be motivated to "look into" what you have to offer, because they are not distracted by mumbling or un-clarity of speech.

9. Like a young man said, You Rock! I wanna' Rock! How?

A: You will "Rock" when you feel confident, have great vocal skills, and fabulous awareness about you and your voice. Being an authentic and compelling speaker "rocks" your listeners!

10. I want people to LOVE hearing my Voice and what I have to say! I want to LOVE my voice, too. Is that important?

A: Loving your voice is very important! The more comfortable and confident you are in your own speaking abilities, the more effective a speaker (in any venue) you will be!

11. I get nervous or frightened before speaking in person, recording my audio CD and voice clip for my Web site. I get anxious before speaking on TV. Is there a way I can reduce and work through my fear?

A: Being frightened is remembered and anticipated shame. We work through this and equip you with "what to do instead." Instead of shaking, being absorbed with "what if's" or being afraid or your fear. You will become confident and knowledgeable in this "no shame" learning voice "studio".

12. What do you mean, "Connect with your listener"?

A: Connecting well with those you are meant to serve is absolutely essential. Coming to know, like and trust you, is a result of making a solid connection… one that becomes the basis for an ongoing relationship. They'll know who you are down deep through the sound of your voice. Others can also hear how connected (or disconnected) you are with your Self. Connection is vital!

13. Are you suggesting that as I improve the sound of my Voice and become an authentic, compelling speaker, I might get so popular that I won't know which call to answer first?

A: It is likely that you will be swamped with calls, when people like, know and trust what they "hear" from you and about you as you become an authentic, compelling speaker!

14. I can really learn to love my voice and love speaking?

A: Becoming a skillful, masterful, knowledgeable, aware and confident speaker equals love-of-voice! You enjoy your voice, and so will they!

15. This will help me get known all over the world? I want to "connect" with those I am meant to serve, inspiring others to live fully as well

A: Connect all over the world! Sound magnificent, authentic and compelling as you reach out effectively all across the globe with your newly empowered Speaking Voice!

16. What are the 3 things you've noticed about my "speaking"? What 3 things do I need to pay attention to in order to become an authentic, compelling speaker?

A: In terms of your unique voice, we'd address what you notice about your voice first - strengths and any area of concern - and then I'd follow up with my assessment.

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