Why You Need Voice Coaching

From time to time, we all take our body parts for granted until they get injured, impaired or fail us in some way. Those among us who are wise, cherish each and every thing that works, functions and blesses. Nothing is taken for granted; gratitude for bodily movement and function are plentiful. When someone points out to us that some aspect of our bodies might work more effectively if we'd only go to a gym, a coach, a physical therapist, a dance instructor, chiropractor etc., we often consider it. Many of us are thrilled to learn about wonderful "assistors" and consultants, teachers and guides.

The same thing applies to your/my speaking voice. We take it for granted yet may remain unaware of our voice's dormant power and potency to express who we are and to attract to us who and what we love in life. We may have never considered the impact our voice has on others. And we may not have realized that there are magnificent and concrete skills and awareness' available for us to develop when we learn about authentic and compelling speaking. Some of us have never heard of a Voice Coach.

Within this magnificent and amazing voice we each have, many things work fairly well without us having to give them a second thought--- e.g., our lungs and muscles coordinate breathing, our vocal cords vibrate helping to produce sound, we utter words and think we speak fairly effectively without giving it a thought. We "just talk" and take for granted that we're doing "just fine." However, most of us do not breathe in a way that supports fabulous speaking. We haven't yet learned how to become compelling, authentic speakers from who we are! We develop vocal habits that do not serve us well: we mumble, speed-speak, strain our throats, don't know how to speak from our true self; we speak in limited portions of our vocal range or lack integration among the head, mouth and chest resonators. We may be very frightened of public speaking; we may sound insecure, puffed up, out of touch with our audience, dead, boring, shrill, harsh or lack projection. Of course we don't want any of this!

In a phrase, we aren't yet speaking from full potential. In a sentence, we're still missing out on attracting the very people we'd love to have come near…right into my/your personal, business and professional lives.

You do not want to miss out any longer, and I want you to flourish!

What do you think would happen if you "bumped" into something or someone that helps you discover some fantastic yet practical things (you can learn) about your breathing
and your speaking voice that would greatly enhance your effectiveness, your awareness,

  • What if you found out that your speaking voice could become more authentic and compelling---that you had been unaware of the power and impact your voice has in your personal and professional life?
  • What if you learned that you didn't breathe very deeply, and that if you only knew how to breathe properly:

1. your vocal production would be greatly enhanced,
2. your energy would increase
3. you would facilitate increased brain-power and immune system function with balanced, well-supported breathing
4. you'd improve your posture
5. you'd learn to "ground your feet" and stay centered

  • What if you discovered a process and a program that would:

1. build your awareness of voice, self and the impact you have on
2. help you to understand and work through fear and anxiety about
public speaking, trepidation about exposing what you know, or
dread of judgment and shame from others (or the inner critic in your head).
3. develop many new vocal and voice production skills for lifetime
4. encourage and support you (in a safe and fun environment) as you
become an authentic and compelling speaker
5. focus on your strengths and magnificence, encouraging you to
work hard, practice regularly, consistently, and "soar"!
6. tailor-make voice coaching to respond to your own unique voice,
interests and needs

Well, you just "bumped" into Find Your Voice ®! As you read on, you can learn and discover some of what Find Your Voice ® has to offer you, and how this program will serve you (in individual sessions or in a group learning environment).

Find Your Voice ® recognizes how important your voice is and wants you to treasure it, strengthen it, enjoy it, and maximize your full potential, speaking with full awareness. Your message, passion and life purpose are all expressed far more powerfully and compellingly when you master the "process" of speaking authentically and skillfully.

In order to gain new vocal and speaking skill, develop new strength, minimize constriction that inhibits excellent vocal production, gain new awareness, etc., you are invited to come into the Find Your Voice ® Studio (or voice-coaching "gym") where you will learn, practice, practice, practice, and grow in amazing ways.

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